11 ASBOs handed out

Eleven young people who were involved in a catalogue of criminal and anti-social behaviour in Wavertree have been given ASBOs.

Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrate Court heard that the self-styled WAVO 420 gang had threatened residents, were involved in thefts, abused and threatened staff and customers in shops,  rode unlicensed scrambler bikes  and other incidents in which they harassed local resident and businesses.

Five defendants who did not contest the application by the city council, were given anti-social behaviour orders for two years. 

These are: Alan Jones, aged 18, of Celandine Close; Alan E’von, aged 16,of Mystery Close; Jack Jones, aged 16 , of Celandine Close,; Lee Tierney, aged 16, of Bagot Street, and Connor Duncan, aged 18, of Glynn Street, all Wavertree.

Six other defendants who contested the application were given three year ASBOs.

They are; Dylan Jones, aged 21, of Barnton Close, Bootle; Lee Jones, ,aged 19, of Waldegrave Road; Gary Grant, aged 18, of Sandown Road; Joscelyn Gorman, aged 16, of Victoria Terrace; Jack Cain, of Deverell Grove,  and Connor Johnson, aged 18 of Mefeking Close, all Wavertree.

The orders ban them from associating with each other or from entering part of Wavertree except for such matters as a doctor’s visit or remaining in any shop or business if asked to leave by staff.

They are also prohibited from abusing, harassing or threatening any person or throwing anything at people or premises.

Gary Grant, Connor Johnson and Lee Jones  are also prohibited from interfering with any unattended vehicle or getting into a vehicle without the owner’s permission. Connor Johnson is  banned from  driving any vehicle for which he is not the owner unless as part of his work.

The court was shown shops’ CCTV footage illustrating how they had threatened staff and stole from the stores. Local business people also gave evidence, including one who was allowed  to speak from behind a screen,  and evidence was provided by a number of witnesses who feared reprisals.

Councillor Peter Brennan, the Mayoral Lead for Community Safety, said; “Residents, shop owners and other businesses in Wavertree will be delighted and relieved that action has been taken against those who have been inflicting misery on their community.

“The city council has worked closely with local police officers to obtain these orders and has also had the support of local residents and business people. We cannot praise too highly those who were brave enough to give evidence.

“These ASBOs will send out a clear message across the city to those  are intent on harassing, stealing from   and threatening their neighbours and local businesses. We will take action against you to stop your activities.”

Chief Inspector Keith McLachlan, said: “Wavertree is a well-established community of residential and business premises. Over many months the residents and businesses where subjected to all manner of anti-social behaviour, crime and intimidation.  This group thought themselves above the law and without reproach. 

“We are committed to improving the quality of life for residents and we will pursue anyone who is involved in incidents of anti-social behaviour.

“The public need to know that positive steps are being taken to stop anti-social to tackle perpetrators.

“They have also had a positive impact on the community and provide officers with additional powers to deal more effectively with offenders.

“Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of activities. It is any kind of repeated behaviour that is likely to cause harm, harassment or distress, and is often carried out by individuals who live near to you.

“Remember – if you have been a victim or witness of a crime you should contact the police


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