A message from Cllr Barbara Murray

Dear resident,

I am writing to you at this strange time in history to thank everyone who is going the extra mile to support our city and our community as a frightening challenge approaches us.

In particular, I want to extend special thanks to all our schools that are due to close tomorrow as a consequence of an unprecedented but necessary directive from government. I am hearing great things about how we are rising to this challenge, for example, Alsop High School in the north of the city has delivered 400 food boxes to help families. Remarkable.

To all Headteachers, staff, pupils and parents who have had the unexpected thrust upon them, I say be brave and stay safe, if isolation is what it takes to protect yourself and those you love, you must do it.

To those students who no longer have exams. I say your year will always be remembered because of this and everyone including future employers will look kindly on you. Don’t be afraid, feel anxious or regret your lost opportunity to shine. For some of you, I guess this is a prayer answered in the worst possible way.

To everyone, I say this is 2020 Liverpool Year of Reading and we are having to cancel some of the great events we had planned for you but I would ask everyone in isolation to pick up a book and start reading. I would ask parents to read more with your children. I would ask everyone to read more to help us cope with the potential boredom of being stuck at home for the next few months…

Stay safe and well everyone.

Barbara Murray                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Cabinet Member – Education, Employment and Skills

Liverpool Waterfront