A new partnership for Anfield

Liverpool City Council, Liverpool FC and Your Housing today announced plans to form a new partnership which will look to explore what benefits and role LFC can play in the regeneration plan for Anfield.

As part of this new Partnership, the Club confirmed its preference to remain and extend its stadium in a way that is supportive of the Council’s Regeneration Plan. The Partnership is a positive step forward and further augments the existing commitment by the Council and Your Housing to develop a thriving future for the area.

Mayor Joe Anderson said: “These are exciting times for Anfield, which is an area that for too long has been let down and neglected. Earlier this year we announced ambitious plans to rejuvenate housing in the area, and we are already making good progress on that front.

“Liverpool FC’s announcement that their preference is to expand its stadium provides further certainty for the community, adds increased momentum to the work which is already going on and paves the way towards a new blueprint for the area.

“We have had numerous constructive discussions with the Club and have listened to their vision for the future and explored how that could tie in with and complement our own plans for the future of Anfield.

“I’m delighted that we’ve now reached this milestone. It means we can now work together with confidence to deliver a new era for Anfield. A future of high quality housing, first-class retail and leisure facilities, and at the heart of it all, a world-class football stadium, playing host to one of the world’s most famous clubs.”

Commenting on today’s Partnership announcement, Ian Ayre, Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club said: “We are delighted that the Council has managed to secure public sector funding that will fuel their regeneration plan for Anfield and surrounding area.

“We believe the regeneration plan will make a significant positive difference to the neighbourhood while creating a better life for those that live, work or visit the area.

“We are looking forward to working with the Council and Your Housing to explore the detailed feasibility of expanding Anfield stadium in a way that is supportive of the Council’s Regeneration Plan and is for the community and public benefit.

“Any final decision about extending Anfield will be dependent on two main factors – firstly that the community and home owners are supportive of the proposed stadium expansion and secondly our ability to navigate the complex planning landscape.

“Anfield is a great place to play football and the Club has some of the best fans in the world. We celebrated our 120th anniversary earlier this year and hopefully this new Partnership with the Council and Your Housing will help us continue to play at our spiritual home for the next 120 years.”

Positive results are already being seen in Anfield, with the recent completion, by Your Housing Group, of the first newly converted property on Gurnall Street. The modern, family house has been created by transforming two small, early 20th century terraces into one spacious three-bed property with open plan living space, upstairs bathroom, and garden.

Further details on the housing renewal programme – which was boosted in June by the award of £13.5 million from the Government’s Empty Homes grant – will be announced in the coming months. Plans also include the upgrading of property frontages, paving and roads, environmental improvements and the creation of space for gardens through demolition.

The city council, Liverpool FC, Your Housing Group and other partners will now work together to develop a new blueprint for the wider regeneration of Anfield, encompassing and tying together the new housing, expanded stadium, investment in Stanley Park and regeneration of Walton Breck Road all of which will attract new investment, business and job creation opportunities.

Liverpool City Council’s Chief Executive, Ged Fitzgerald, said: “These are really important steps forward, for the community, and for Liverpool Football Club. We now have a clear vision for the future of Anfield, and we can look forward with real optimism.

“Of course, Liverpool FC’s statement that their preference is to expand their existing stadium is just the first step. There’s a lot of work now ahead of us in delivering our ambitions for the community and for the club. We’ll be working together with Your Housing Group and our other partners, local residents and stakeholders, to finalise a robust set of plans for the whole area – and then doing everything we can to turn those plans into a reality.”

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