Advice during industrial dispute

The city council’s bin collections, street cleansing, grass cutting and highways services are currently experiencing delays.

This is due to an industrial dispute between members of the joint Trade Unions and Amey Local Government Services who provide these services on behalf of the council.

The Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and offer the following advice to residents.

• Residents should continue to present their bins for collection, where possible taking them in overnight and re-presenting the next collection day

• Although we would encourage residents, wherever possible, not to leave additional waste next to bins, this will be collected. Please ensure it is suitably and safely contained in securely tied waste sacks.

• Residents should seek to recycle as much as possible either through the council service or by taking recyclable materials to bring sites at supermarkets or to Household Waste Recycling Centres such as Otterspool, South Sefton or Kirkby. Details are available on the council’s website at

• Look to maximise capacity in recycling bins by reducing volumes of materials by crushing cans, breaking down cardboard boxes etc before placing in the bin.

• Ensure food placed in your bin is securely wrapped to minimise smells. Wash out any containers before placing in your bin

• Look to minimise the amount of food you throw away by not buying more than you need, and reducing the leftovers by only cooking sensible portions. This will help to minimise smells.

• Use the full capacity of all your bins ensuring you are separating your recycling materials into the appropriate bin. Details of what materials go into what bins can be found on the city council website.

• Avoid placing large items or textiles into your bins that will reduce the capacity available. Charity shops will accept a wide range of items that can be re-used such as children’s toys and clothes. There are also shops where you can now receive payment for old textiles donated.

• Consider sharing any available capacity in your bin with a neighbour to maximise the space available.

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