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Advice for key workers needing nursery and early years care

Key workers in Liverpool needing nursery-age and early years childcare from Monday 23 March are advised to contact their own provider in the first instance to see if they are open.

It follows the Government’s decision to close schools and nurseries last Friday until further notice, as part of the response to coronavirus.

The council is currently aware of around 145 private, voluntary and independent nurseries that will be open, and more than 30 childminders.

Parents who are key workers whose nursery or childminder is unavailable – and who have no other means of childcare – are asked to phone the Families Information Service, who will point them to their nearest available provider.

The numbers are:

0151 233 0495

0151 233 0499

0151 233 0500

0151 233 0501

0151 233 0503

The city’s five nursery schools – Abercromby Nursery School; Chatham Place Nursery School; East Prescot Road Nursery; Ellergreen Nursery School and Everton Nursery School – are remaining open for those children on roll whose parents are key workers and have no other childcare available.

The list of key workers is:

• Social workers, care workers, health and social care staff and those required to maintain the sector
• Teachers, specialist education professionals and nursery staff
• Staff essential to the operation of the justice system
• Staff involved in the management of the deceased
• Administrative staff in local government essential to the delivery of the COVID-19 response
• Staff delivering essential public services such as payment of benefits
• Staff involved in the distribution of food or other key goods
• Police and police support staff
• Fire and rescue staff and support staff
• Transport workers
• Utilities workers
• Probation staff
• IT staff necessary to support COVID-19 response
• Payment providers
• Waste disposal service presumably including refuse collection

In addition, other workers described include:

• Armed forces personnel
• MoD civilian staff and contractors
• National Crime Agency
• Border security
• National security staff
• Religions and charity staff
• Journalists and broadcasters

The council has also added university staff working in a research role to help fight COVID-19 to the list of eligible workers.

Director of Education, Steve Reddy said: “These are unprecedented times and I would like to thank all nurseries and childminders for their support.

“My appeal to parents is to only take their child to their nursery or childminder if they are on the list of key workers and they have no other childcare available to them.

“We will be reviewing the situation every single day and we will let people know if there are changes.”

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