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Afghan refugees receive #LettersFromLiverpool

Pupils from five Liverpool primary schools have written welcome letters to Afghan refugees who are now making the city their home.

The moving letters which are part of a project with Writing on the Wall and Action Asylum, with the support of Asylum Link Merseyside, reassure the newcomers “you will have an amazing life here”, and that they will be “part of the family.” The youngsters also recommend their favourite places in the city.

About one hundred refugees arrived in Liverpool at the start of September, with the city being one of the first in the UK to offer sanctuary.

The letters have been written by eight- and nine-year-old pupils from Broadsquare Primary, Blackmoor Park Juniors, St Michael and All Angels, Holy Cross Catholic, and Phoenix Primary and will be distributed to the refugee families by Liverpool City Council, Asylum Link, and the Red Cross.  

Some of the letters read:

Dear friend, I know you must feel horrified and frightened. I just want to reassure you that everything will be OK.” 

“Liverpool is a very friendly city, so when you are here, everyone will welcome you and you will have an amazing life here. There are also people who will welcome you into their homes and you will be a part of their families.”

I understand you might be anxious, worried, maybe you have mixed feelings, but it’s OK, here we want you to be welcomed and feel safe. I like living in Liverpool because I feel safe. I’d like to tell you what home means to me, home makes me feel relaxed and not alone.” 

“I hope you’re OK because everyone from Afghanistan is going through a very hard time right now and I am very sorry. I recommend going to a restaurant called Acropolis. It has great food and is placed in West Derby. I also recommend going to Hollywood Bowl on Edge Lane.”

“My favourite place to eat is Pizza Slice. You will find your favourite. You can drive up to Crosby Beach and run up all the sand dunes and roll down them. You can go on the Mersey Ferry.” 

“Dear friend, I’m from Liverpool. I understand if you’re nervous, but don’t worry because Liverpool is friendly. Also the people will make you laugh (me). You’ll love it here.” 

More letters will be shared on social media – just search #LettersFromLiverpool

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