Albert Dock: Making History

Gower Street Estates (GSE) has launched Albert Dock: MAKING HISTORY, a campaign that reflects the global significance and impact of Albert Dock and its place in Liverpool’s economic, cultural and social history.

The campaign consists of a series of activities throughout the year that will engage with both local and international visitors to celebrate Albert Dock’s journey from being a world port to an iconic visitor attraction.

Albert Dock: MAKING HISTORY will stimulate the memories of all those who have visited the Dock. From the people of Liverpool to tourists from across the globe, visitor’s relationship with Albert Dock will be explored. Albert Dock: MAKING HISTORY will be the first in a series of campaigns that will lead towards Albert Dock’s historic 175th anniversary in 2021.

From hearing the voice of Prince Albert to sharing memories with the rest of the world, Gower Street Estates will be hosting Albert Dock: MAKING HISTORY, a free programme of activity that will enlighten and entertain visitors to Albert Dock Liverpool.

Since its opening in 1846 Albert Dock has been a major character in the story of Liverpool. From its maritime past to its continued importance to the city today, 2013 marks 25 years since Albert Dock was revitalised and regenerated in 1988 and its new journey began.

Albert Dock is the largest collection of Grade 1 listed buildings in the UK and over the last 25 years has become one of the most photographed, visited and iconic visitor attractions in the UK. It welcomes around 5m visitors each year with a growing international audience.
Jesse Hartley’s revolutionary Dock design turned Liverpool into a major port on the world’s stage and by the early 19th century, 40% of the global trade passed through Liverpool’s docks. However the Dock fell into decline from the 1860s until WWII when it was used as a base for escort ships in the Battle of the Atlantic.

In 1972 it was eventually abandoned until March 1981 when Lord Michael Heseltine set up the Merseyside Development Corporation to take over the responsibility of regenerating and redeveloping Liverpool’s south docks. By 1988 the Docks had been revitalised and regenerated, becoming home to the Merseyside Maritime Museum and Tate Liverpool.

Since its official opening 25 years ago Albert Dock has became the catalyst for change within the city and has become a symbol of Liverpool’s renaissance and regeneration. Albert Dock: MAKING HISTORY will reignite people’s appreciation for Albert Dock and give the opportunity for personal relationships with the Dock to flourish.

Peter Cronin, Director of Development and Marketing, Gower Street Estates, said: “Albert Dock: MAKING HISTORY will celebrate what Albert Dock has achieved, but more importantly will look forward and shape Albert Dock’s future. Albert Dock has always been a key part of Liverpool and as a changing and evolving city, Albert Dock will change and evolve also.

“Liverpool was built on its Docks and Albert Dock has played an important role in Liverpool’s history. This significant 25th anniversary has given us the opportunity to tailor a programme of activity across the year that will encourage visitors to connect and build a new relationship with our historic and iconic Dock.”

17 May 2013

Using the online app,, people are invited to share their memories of the Albert Dock with the world. From locals to expatriates and tourists, everyone will have a story to tell about their visit, from a tale about a marriage proposal to a picture of a memorable day with the family, the app will be the perfect way to share a memory.

Making History around the World will create a unique platform to share experiences of one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world and thus demonstrating its global significance.

The web app will also give users the opportunity to reconnect with the Albert Dock and engage with other people’s experiences and memories. Making History around the World is an international platform for people to engage with the Albert Dock even if they can’t visit in person.

To celebrate the launch of the web app, Tate Liverpool will give its visitors the opportunity to share their memories on the app from a special station within the Tate Liverpool is 25 display, which runs from 17 – 27 May 2013. Visitors will be able to continue sharing their memories of the Albert Dock, with the station having a presence in the gallery throughout the summer.

August onwards

This Summer, visitors will be taken on a listening tour, guided by voices of the past and present.

Supported by maritime experts at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Voices of the Dock is an audio experience around the colonnades of Albert Dock providing a unique experience bringing it to life.

Voices known and unknown who have contributed to the Albert Dock’s history will share their stories and experiences from a personal perspective.

The voices will give a mixture of historic facts as well as personal accounts. From Prince Albert explaining his first impressions of the Dock in 1846 to current residents of the Albert Dock, describing how Albert Dock has changed over the last 25 years, the story of the Dock will be told.
MAKING HISTORY: A City in Change

Gower Street Estates, trading as Albert Dock Liverpool, has officially invited Lord Michael Heseltine to take part in a panel discussion chaired by Place North West’s editor, Paul Unger.

This free event will give members of the public and business people from across the region the opportunity to take part in a discussion about Albert Dock and its impact on the City.

Since the Merseyside Development Corporation developed the Dock, with Arrowcroft Properties, the panel will discuss the fortunes of Albert Dock and its regeneration. Individual key spokespeople from the City and Albert Dock will be on the panel to discuss the changes Liverpool has seen and whether Albert Dock’s transformation was a catalyst for this radical and positive change.

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