Always a school day for businesses in Liverpool

A key driver in the success of Liverpool’s economy, is providing the best possible education for our children.

The Liverpool Promise is the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson’s initiative to raise the quality of education in Liverpool and improve exam results. It includes a challenge to schools to improve, alongside commitments from everyone in the city to play their part in a network of promises to give Liverpool children more opportunities.

An important element of this is the involvement of business in the city to provide information about possible careers, work experience, mentoring, help with work-readiness and inspire young people to consider careers and working here in Liverpool.

The seminar held today at the Museum Of Liverpool and The Liverpool Promise welcomed over 40 business owners, heads of Sixth forms from across the city and a presentation by students at Cardinal Heenan Secondary school.

Cllr Nick Small, Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for Schools and Education said: “We are delighted to be able to offer business owners the opportunity to engage with schools and students about the benefits of working in Liverpool and the endless career opportunities that the city has to offer them.

It’s also great to hear how businesses could work with schools and cover the practical steps any business can take to invest in the future of our city.”

Liverpool Waterfront