Andy Burnham sees Anfield transformation

Your Housing Group, along with the Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, Steve Rotheram, welcomed Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Health Secretary, to Anfield to see how the investment in the area’s housing is helping to improve the health and well-being of the residents.

As the lead housing provider for Anfield, Your Housing Group has a great commitment to residents and the wider community. Since 2009 the Group has completed projects investing in excess of £23m involving 202 properties in Anfield. This includes creating new modern homes as well bringing back in to use a number of long term vacant properties.

Your Housing Group accompanied Andy to view a newly converted 2 into 1 pilot property on Gurnall Street, which demonstrates how the Group plans to create new family homes for the area. The spacious, modern house was created by transforming two small early 20th century terraces into one spacious, modern, three bed family home with open plan living space, an upstairs bathroom, and garden with seating area.

On Tancred Road Andy visited one of the properties regenerated by Your Housing Group. The Group invested £660k to renovate nine vacant properties for sale, of which six have been sold. It is envisaged that that the investment and subsequent sale of the properties will help to drive up the value of homes in the area, which have decreased in recent years.

Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Health Secretary, said: “With an average annual investment of almost £6 million per annum, Your Housing Group is helping to transform the area and improve the lives of hundreds of families in Anfield.”

Brian Cronin, Chief Executive of Your Housing Group, said: “We are extremely passionate about Anfield we were delighted to welcome Andy to Anfield to see how our work is already making a difference in revitalising the area.”

“The work we have been doing in Anfield is about much more than simple bricks and mortar, it’s about creating a safe and positive area to live. It’s not only a focus on physical regeneration, but also a commitment to working together with our partners and community groups to create Life changing opportunities.”

“Our vision is to transform lives and communities, and through a range of activities we will be working with people in Anfield, creating opportunities that will strengthen the community and improve the health and wellbeing.”

Steve Rotheram Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, said: “Your Housing’s commitment to Anfield is good news for the long-suffering residents who have had to put up with years of uncertainty. Hopefully there is now light at the end of a very long tunnel and these works will help revitalise the whole area.”

Following a period of uncertainty, Anfield is facing a more positive future following the announcement in June of a £260m regeneration plan by a consortium led by Liverpool City Council, with support from Your Housing Group and Liverpool Football Club, which will breathe new life into the area.

Commenting on the future for Anfield, local resident Ellen Lacey said: “The investment from Your Housing Group and others has given Anfield some hope for the future. I have never seen so much work done on Rockfield. Everyone is made up, it’s slowly getting done and it is what we’ve all been hoping for.”


Image (l-r) Dave Litherland (Your Housing Group): Steve Rotheram; Andy Burnham; Brian Cronin (Your Housing Group)

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