The Anfield Regeneration project

Anfield Project to generate 360 local jobs and £14.5m annual boost to economy

An independent report has estimated that the proposed regeneration of Anfield will directly create 360 new local jobs once it is complete.

The report, by respected Liverpool-headquartered economists Amion Consulting, also says the improvements will deliver a £14.5m boost to the city economy every year.

Their assessment excludes construction and supply chain jobs. When those are taken into account, according to Liverpool City Council, a total of 770 jobs will have been created.

The partners behind the regeneration – Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Football Club and Your Housing Group – are now going to hold a jobs fair to ensure local people are able to access opportunities which may be available.

In October 2012, the partners announced £260m plans to transform the Anfield area with a comprehensive regeneration plan.

Since then, work to demolish houses and finalise plans for a new hotel, commercial buildings and a public square has been progressing. Planning consent for the expansion of Liverpool’s stadium was granted on September 23.

The economic impact report details the direct economic impact the project will have on the local community and the city’s economy.

Your Housing Group has already refurbished 202 homes in Anfield, investing some £23 million, and is now reporting a waiting list of residents wanting to live in the area for the first time in a generation.

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for housing, Councillor Ann O’Byrne, said: “This report provides independent and rigorous evidence of the value of the Anfield Project, not only in terms of the economy but also the positive impact in terms of creating new jobs and wealth.”

Mayor Joe Anderson added: “The figures demonstrate that the strength of the project is in its diversity and we are working hard to deliver the brighter Anfield residents and visitors want to experience.”

Brian Cronin, Chief Executive of Your Housing Group, added: “Creating job opportunities is built into the DNA of the Anfield Project and we welcome the research provided by Amion. It really helps illuminate the scale and positive social impact the Anfield Project will have on the community.”

The Anfield Jobs and Training Fair is to be held on January 28 in the Isla Gladstone, Stanley Park, from 1pm to 7pm. Further details about the event will be sent to residents in January.

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