Anne Frank play to premiere in St George’s Hall

Liverpool’s St George’s Hall invites you to a performance of two truly moving stories: one based on the most famous chronicle of life under Nazi occupation, Anne Frank’s Diary and the other on Eva Schloss’ book, After Auschwitz. They will be performed in the Concert Room on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th January [Holocaust Memorial Day]

The evening in is two halves: the first looking at Anne in her room in the Annexe in Amsterdam; the second telling Eva’s story, from her childhood, when she played with Anne, to becoming Anne’s step-sister after the war was over.

Otto Frank returned to Amsterdam to discover that he was the sole family survivor of the Holocaust. His two beloved daughters Margot and Anne, and his wife, had died in Auschwitz. The only memento of those two years, he and his family had endured, hiding in an Annexe, was Anne Frank’s diary.

The diary reached into the hearts of everyone who read it, and became a world bestseller. An innocent 14-year-old girl, with her life beckoning, had harmed no one. Her only ‘crime’ was to be Jewish and for that ‘crime’, young teenage Anne was deprived of her freedom and then her life.

Anne Frank is played by Justine Saville, an aspiring student at the acclaimed Liverpool Theatre School and is directed by Ellie Hurt, a post-graduate from the Liverpool John Moore’s University.

Eva Schloss survived the horror of Auschwitz, where her family met Otto Frank. Eva’s father and brother died in captivity. Eva’s mother and Otto Frank consoled each other over the deaths of their family members, and they eventually married. Eva – Anne Frank’s sister is based on the book by Eva Schloss ‘After Auschwitz’. Eva’s father will be played by John Gorman, the producer of the play, and her mother will be played by Sue Boardman.

Eva Schloss, who now lives in London, has kindly agreed for her true story to be adapted for a script to be performed in a world first at St. George’s Hall.

Anne and Eva are produced by Birkenhead-born writer and entertainer, John Gorman.  John was a member of the 60’s comedy music group, The Scaffold, nationally and internationally known for their hit songs: ‘Thank You Very Much’,Lily the Pink’ and ‘Liverpool Lou’. He won a Sony Award for Capitol Radio ‘Best use of Comedy on Radio’ with Chris Tarrant. He worked on the successful children’s TV Series, Tiswas, for 5 years. John brings the Diary of Anne Frank and the unique story of Eva Schloss to life at St George’s Hall for just two nights to commemorate National Holocaust Day.

Producer John Gorman said: “We would hope that the Holocaust would be a memory that we would never want to see repeated, but that horrific event, which picked on one group of people because of ‘difference’, is being repeated in the world today, and as I stand, looking out of the window, at the sun breaking through the dark, rain clouds, and I count my blessings, I wish, for the sake of my children and grandchildren … and all children, that the world would, after that awful scar of the Holocaust on the face of humanity, respect ‘difference’ and offer a hand to shake in friendship and not to clench in a fist .. it seems such a simple precept”

The first half of the evening gives a glimpse of Anne’s two years in hiding, bringing her dreams and emotions to life on stage. The second half will relate and relive Eva’s traumatic journey to Auschwitz, where Anne perished, and to become, by a twist of fate, Anne Frank’s sister.

These truly remarkable stories of two young girls’ struggles are not to be missed, at one of Liverpool’s most Iconic venues. Anne and Eva are playing in St George’s Hall’s Concert Room on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th January.

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Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th January 2016

The Concert Room, St George’s Hall (Entrance via North Hall opposite Walker Art Gallery)

St George’s Place, Liverpool, L1 1 JJ

Doors: 6.30pm | Starts: 7.30pm

Tickets: £11 (plus booking fees)



Tickets can be purchased online at, call 0844 800 0410 or in person from TicketQuarter, Queen Square, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1RG

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