Appeal over missing banners

An appeal has been made for the return of giant banners, used to brighten up Kensington, which are believed to have been stolen.

They formed part of a project to improve the gateway route along the Prescot Road area and were used to mask a small industrial estate in Keble Street.

The banners were created, in a project involving the council’s Neighbourhood Services and Riverside’s Your Place Team by taking images of a neighbouring pocket park and digitally enlarging them.

They were placed over the palisade railings in front of the industrial estate.Five of the banners have now been removed. “At first we thought they may have been vandalised or weather-damaged but on closer inspection it showed that they had been carefully taken down so it looks like they have been stolen”, said Robbie Williams Assistant Neighbourhood Services Manager from Your Place.

Local Councillor Wendy Simon said: “It is really disappointing  that somebody should have done this. The banners are very impressive and have been really popular with local residents. Many people looked at the banners and pointed out the areas of the park they showed.

“They were also brightening up the industrial area, showing local businesses we want to work with them to improve their environment and enBanners after damagecourage new business into the area.

“It could be that somebody sees taking these banners as a sort of souvenir-hunting but it is not acceptable – it is still taking something that does not belong to you. We would appeal to anybody who has any information about the banners to let us know.”

Anybody who has information about the banners should contact  Joanne Matthews Team Leader Neighbourhood Services North Team on 225 8695 or email
• Other work on the gateway arts project has seen giant poppies appear on hoardings around the former Kensington market and in Old Swan where there is also an open air art gallery.

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