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Banned cabbie brought to book

A HACKNEY cab driver who had his licence taken away by Liverpool City Council has been hit with a fine for continuing to act as a taxi driver.

Adem Aslan of Devonshire Road, Toxteth, admitted driving without a hackney carriage driver licence and insurance. A hearing at Liverpool Magistrates Court was told that 30 year-old Aslan was spotted parked up on Hanover Street in the city centre in May by two members of the city council’s licensing team.

One of the officers recognised Aslan and believed his licence had been revoked.

The officers approach Aslan and noticed he was not wearing an official hackney carriage driver badge.

On closer inspection the officers noticed that the identification badges on display in the cab were out of date.

When questioned, Aslan claimed the vehicle belonged to his brother and he didn’t know why his badge was out of date.

When asked if he had his licence taken away, Aslan said he hadn’t. The council officers removed the cab’s hackney carriage plates and confiscated the expired badge.

Further research revealed that Aslan’s licence to drive taxis had been revoked by the city council’s licensing committee in March as a result of concerns about his conduct.

Magistrates ordered Aslan to pay £630 in fines and costs and was given six penalty points.

Aslan was just one of a number of cabbies and private hire drivers to face court action this month following city council investigations.

Liverpool private hire driver John Alker and Michael Lyons were both ordered to pay £330 after being found guilty of failing to return their driver badges after they had been revoked.

Private hire drivers Sammi Sabri and David Styles were ordered to pay £300 and £280 respectively for admitting similar offences.

While Sefton-based driver Philip Johnson was found guilty of plying for hire and driving without insurance.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr James Noakes, said: “The city council’s licensing team works to protect members of the public from drivers who don’t play by the rules. They also work hard to protect the vast majority of private hire and cab drivers in our city who do play by the rules.

“In cases such as this, drivers who do not have the correct documentation are not insured. This could have serious implications for passengers. The actions of the team show that if you are doing something wrong then it is likely that you will get caught and if you do, the penalties can be serious.”

  • For more information on licensing issues in Liverpool visit the city council’s website: liverpool.gov.uk and search for ‘licensing’.
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