Bargain bins!

Indoor recycling bins are being offered at a cut-price rate to students.

And other residents in the Greenbank ward – where there is a high concentration of student households – will also benefit from the scheme.

It is part of the city council’s commitment to reduce the amount of waste created and to recycle, re-user or compost much more of our waste.

Part of this campaign is to increase the ‘dry mixed recyclables’ – glass, cans, cardboard, paper; and plastic bottles – collected in the blue wheelie bins:.

Greenbank Councillor Laura Robertson-Collins said “In our ward we are currently subsidising indoor recycling bins to help residents sort their waste in their kitchens, making it easier to keep the dry mixed recyclables separate from the rest of the rubbish. We are working to engage all residents with this, and in particular student households – where much recyclable waste is created!”

Bins are available to students at £1 each for a limited time and to all other residents for £2.50.

Promotional events where indoor recycling bins can be bought as well as information on reducing waste, shopping efficiently and cooking well, including recipe information and other freebies are being held at the following venues.

Gregson Memorial Institute , 55 Garmoyle Road, L15 3HN on Tuesday 9 October from 2pm to 7pm

Penny Lane Development Trust, 70 Penny Lane, L18 1BW on Friday 19 October from 2pm – 7pm


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