Bar’s licence suspended after under-age alcohol sales

A bar which sold alcohol to underage customers has had its licence to sell drinks suspended for three months.

Liverpool City Council’s licensing sub-committee heard that an assistant at Karma Lounge, on Allerton Road, sold alcohol to a 15-year-old in a test purchase arranged by the council’s Alcohol and Tobacco Unit.

The venue had been informed that a test purchase would be taking following complaints relating to the sale of alcohol to minors.

The committee heard that on the night of Saturday, 12 November, the bar was populated by more than 20 customers at the time of the test purchase all appearing to look under the age of 18.

Merseyside Police also attended the venue on the same evening and had to escort four males, all under the age of 16, home due to them being intoxicated.

When challenged on the illegal sale, the assistant denied being employed at the venue.

Following an investigation it transpired that Mr Albert Kenwright is the Designated Premise Supervisor (DPS) but had sub-let the bar to a Claire Scoullar.

Although not at the venue on the evening of the test purchase, Albert Kenwright, who attended the review, was criticised for showing no interest in the day to day running of the premises.

The sub-committee made the decision to permanently strip the role of DPS from Albert Kenwright and the venue’s licence to sell alcohol was suspended for three months.

The committee also decreed that Claire Scoullar and Nicky Campbell are to have no involvement with the premise or running of the premise.

Karma Lounge, owned by Bill Kenwright Ltd, is currently for sale.

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