Big Society The Musical premieres on Sunday

A much anticipated Liverpool feature film produced by local award-winning Production Company First Take receives its Liverpool premiere on Sunday 17 August.

Part of the Liverpool International Music Festival, it features 15 original musical numbers and invovled more than 300 local people in the making of the film. It is without a doubt a homegrown spectacle not to be missed.

Set in coalition Britain amidst the crisis of capitalism, the government launches their flagship deception of ‘The Big Society’ from Liverpool. Connor, a disillusioned 15-year old sits alone in his cell. He understands the lie: We’re not ‘all in this together’ like the man on the TV says. Bullied and taunted by the other young offenders, Connor’s only hope is Linda, his Social Worker, who he has come to trust. But what happens when Linda’s job is threatened, will she be able to find a way to care for him?

When no one hears you shout…Sing.

Set in Liverpool in 2011, the film is First Take’s creative response to the government’s devastating austerity measures.

The film has already opened the London Labour Film Festival earlier this year where it received powerful reviews:

“Co-writer/director Lynne Harwood has crafted a story around characters who already work and live in a big society.  When jobs and services get cut it has a devastating effect.  In this case the story revolves around the relationship between a social worker and a young offender.  The two leads put in strong performances on both the acting and singing front.  This has some feel-good musical moments but it doesn’t sugar coat the cuts.  By interweaving historical events such as the riots and the royal wedding into the narrative, along with the excellent score and songs this film takes you somewhere.  That place is your community… The film is therefore situated where it counts: at the coalface of the cuts agenda. That agenda has actually eroded our big society. This film shows how austerity can force people to make decisions they shouldn’t have to and with each decision there are consequences.” Jon Bigger

The film will be on shown at FACT, on Wood Street, for one night only, and to whet your appetitie, here’s the trailer: https://vimeo.com/100236692

Sunday’s showing begins at 6.30pm and early booking is recommended.

To book, contact FACT on 0151 707 4444 or go to http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/Picturehouse_At_Fact/film/Big_Society_The_Musical/



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