BLOG: Come and experience Liverpool for yourself

Liverpool City Council’s Director of Communications, Camilla Mankabady, talks about the city’s new campaign which aims to get people talking about Liverpool for all the right reasons.

After weeks of speculation, the inevitable has happened.  Liverpool has lost its UNESCO World Heritage Status.

We are sad, we are baffled, but we are still proud Scousers.

We are confused as to why the narrative remained around tall towers – when in fact those have not been built.

We are wondering why UNESCO delegates – who made the decision – did not visit our glorious city and waterfront during the last decade?

But we are certain that our Liverpool waterfront it still beautiful and still iconic.

In true-Scouse style we are dealing with this rejection, in our own way.

If you have not been to visit our city in a while, please do so, you will receive a warm welcome.

You will be spoilt for choice for things to do and see.

Our heritage is in our DNA. The magnificent neoclassical St George’s Hall, our glorious Georgian Town Hall, our newly opened Spine – one of the world’s most healthy and stunning architectural designs of recent times – just three magnificent buildings listed there, countless others I could have mentioned.

Look out for our sassy marketing campaign – ‘No Labels Needed’ – on your social media feeds, and in your online newspapers, you will see our call to action.

Please share and like our campaign.

This is not a moment to hang our heads in shame.

Marketing Liverpool, Culture Liverpool and Liverpool City Council Communications have joined forces to spread the word.

We are using this moment in the global spotlight as a wonderful call to action: come and visit our great city that needs no labels, no parameters, no justification.

We are Liverpool. We are proud. We are Scouse.


Liverpool Waterfront