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BLOG: Director of Regeneration Mark Bousfield’s hope for the future

“The city’s next five years will be better than its last”

Liverpool City Council has seen many changes recently, a key change is the changing face of the leadership team. Hear from the Director of Regeneration and Economy about why he loves working in Liverpool.

Mark Bousfield – the new Director of Regeneration – who has previously worked at Google, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and more recently at the Combined Authority, explains here why he was attracted to the role, and what his ambitions are for the city.

“Liverpool is an obsessional city. Whilst we have reason to call it global, to strike links across the world, we also recognise how much we talk and care about it locally; we’re not exactly shy of opinions, especially about our city. I’ve wanted to play a small role in its regeneration for a long time.

“I like working for Liverpool City Council. I like the challenge of improving the city, even when resources are tight.

“The city’s next five years will be better than its last. Covid, austerity and the council’s travails hurt, but Liverpool’s renaissance has plenty left to run.

“Sitting alongside the Mayor’s ‘triple lock’ focus on inclusion, sustainability and equality, the Regeneration directorate that I’m privileged to lead, will focus on high value jobs (the Knowledge Quarter needs to do for business innovation what Liverpool One did for retail), inclusion (because we can’t reach our potential without including more people in the benefits of our growth) and net zero (because we’re a port city not an underwater city).”

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