BLOG: How Transformation will deliver a Council to be proud of

Cllr Paul Brant is the Assistant Mayor for Transformation; a role which involves working with the Mayor to ensure our transformation agenda is delivered. In this blog post, Cllr Brant outlines his approach and philosophy for the programme…

All organisations, whatever their business or purpose, need to change what they do and how they do it, to reflect the changing needs of the people they serve.

Liverpool City Council is no different.

All Council members, and every member of our staff team has heard a lot about our financial challenge, and this clearly is an important focus of our transformation programme.

But, just as important is making sure we’re adapting our services and how we deliver them to be fit for the challenges and opportunities presented by how the world around us is changing.

The increasing expectation of our residents to access Council services, report issues and communicate with us online, means focusing on delivering more support digitally.

Our aging society means we need to find new ways to support people living independently, and healthily, for as long as possible.

And the climate crisis means almost every aspect of how the city operates must change.

Our transformation programme is therefore all about equipping us to serve our residents and businesses in the future.

As well as our more publicly visible front-line services, teams such as human resources and information technology are key to ensuring we can do our jobs efficiently. We’re in the process of adapting our ways of working so we have enhanced project management, more advanced financial management and more precise service performance monitoring.

Our staff are both servants of and (in many cases) residents of our city; and we want our fellow residents to experience an improved level of service.

We support some of the most vulnerable people and deprived communities in the nation.
We rightly feel pride in playing our part in doing this.

I’m confident that a transformed Council will do that even better.

Liverpool Waterfront