Blog: My Covid Vaccine Experience

Mike Allanson is a member of the City Council Communications Team and has over 35 years of Council service to his name. He’s been shielding whilst working from home and recently got the call to go for his Covid vaccine.

“As someone who has always felt pretty resilient during ‘normal’ times, I like to think I have an optimistic outlook but I must confess that this third lockdown has had an adverse effect on me.  I do have what they euphemistically call ‘underlying health issues’ but it has never impacted me to the extent that I had to hide away. After all, I’m Dad, I’m the one my family turn to when things aren’t right or something needs fixing.  

But grind of daily news featuring steadily climbing mortality figures has slowly but surely eaten away at my confidence and I’m very conscious that I’m mentally and physically withdrawing, even becoming scared of mixing in supermarkets and shops. My family are trying to protect me, but it constantly nags away that this is the wrong way round because as ‘Dad’ it’s meant to be me who protects them. It’s a feeling I’m sure I share with millions of people at the moment and it seems never ending, but the optimist in me looks for a positive – and yesterday it arrived for me, and slowly but surely it will for you too – I was asked to attend for a Covid vaccine. 

I could feel the sense of relief in myself and my family, here was a way to alleviate all that pent up anxiety and fear.  

So to all who are worried and anxious here’s my experience, it will soon be yours and eventually we’ll emerge from this nightmare.

Monday morning 

Out of the blue I get a text – ‘You have been invited to book your Covid-19 vaccination.’ I had to read it a couple of times because it was so unexpected.

So I followed the link and it swiftly allowed me to book an appointment. Very impressive so far.

Tuesday morning

Very icy outside but down I go to the local health centre, mask on, hand gel in pocket. 

Here I was greeted by a couple of very pleasant receptionists who took my details and asked me to take a seat – socially distanced of course. 

Within a few minutes the call came ‘all 9am appointments please’. 
One of the GP’s supervised the queue into a socially distanced line and off we were, marched and like some Red Arrows formation, each person was peeled off into individual rooms where three medical professionals awaited.

The usual formalities were observed – Any allergies? Any medications etc etc. I was asked which arm I preferred – left please – and before you know it, it was over, I didn’t even feel the needle! The nurse explained that I may experience some mild side effects and I got a card saying which version of the vaccine I’d had. 

After you’ve had the vaccine you wait 15mins in a side room and one of the GPs reminds you about the importance of observing hand hygiene procedures – then off you pop.

The whole experience was efficient and quick, credit where it’s due – the NHS is doing us proud. God bless all who sail in her.

If, like me you’ve had anxiety over where it’ll all end, try not to worry too much. Go and get your jab – its really easy and no fuss. This vaccine will lead us to a return to normality and on a personal level you’ll start to feel your old confidence seeping back into your old bones and your family can start to unwrap you from the cotton wool.

Thank you to all those working so hard to roll out the vaccine, and thank you to everyone who goes to be vaccinated. It really is a collective effort and we will get through it. 

As I said earlier, I used to be an optimist – now I’ve had the jab I can honestly say that’s wrong – I am an optimist!”

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