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BLOG: Shining a light on Black creativity, heritage and achievements 

October is Black History Month, and to mark this Culture Liverpool has brought together partners from across the city to launch an exciting series of events in collaboration with Writing on the Wall.

The programme commemorates the remarkable milestones in Black History this year; the 75th Anniversary of the arrival of The Empire Windrush in the UK, 50 Years of Hip Hop, and 75 Years of the National Health Service – so this year’s campaign is here to inspire, reflect and celebrate contributions made to society by people of Black heritage and their communities.

To mark the launch, Liverpool’s Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Richard Kemp reflects on the importance of showcasing Black creativity, heritage and achievements which takes place all year round, not just during one month.

Liverpool, a city known for its vibrant culture and remarkable history, has played a pivotal role in the narrative of Black history in the United Kingdom. From the abolitionists who fought tirelessly against the transatlantic slave trade to the musicians who crafted the sounds of the city, Liverpool has been a stage for progress, resilience, and creativity.

Black history is not confined to a specific month or a particular celebration. It is interwoven into the very fabric of our society, always present, always relevant.
It is a history of triumph over adversity, of resilience in the face of adversity, and of extraordinary contributions to all aspects of life.

It is a history that reminds us of the strength that lies within diversity and the beauty of unity in the face of adversity.

As we celebrate the start of Black History Month today, we must also remember those who paved the way, those who fought for civil rights, those who blazed trails in academia, science, the arts, and every field imaginable. Their struggles and achievements have created a platform for us all, and it is our duty to carry the torch forward, ensuring that the journey towards equality and justice continues.

Indeed, this week the Lord Mayor will posthumously award Dorothy Kuya with admission to the Roll of Citizen of Honour in recognition of her tireless campaigning against discrimination and racism.
A community champion as a leading member of the Granby Residents Association and instrumental in shaping the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

So, as we stand together in celebration, remember the legacy of those who came before us. We remember the sacrifices made, the battles fought, and the progress achieved.

May I conclude by thanking all those who have contributed to the amazing events programme for Black History Month.

Head to the Culture Liverpool website for full details.

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