BLOG: ‘The opportunity to contribute to the journey is not one I’d let pass by’ – interim Director of Adult Social Care on being part of the council

Liverpool City Council has seen many changes recently, a key change is the changing face of the leadership team.

Maggie Kufeldt is the interim Director of Adult Services, she explains here why she was attracted to the role, and why she wants to be an advocate for change at Liverpool City Council.

Liverpool is a city that I have connections to. My Grandad lived in Liverpool and spent all of his working life in the Merchant Navy sailing out of the city.

I also have some lovely memories made in the city, not least my daughter’s graduation and my best friend’s wedding.

I know from these experiences what a great city it is, but it’s a city that hasn’t yet reached its potential.

The opportunity to contribute to the journey Liverpool and the City Council is on and particularly to adult care is not one I’d let pass by.

The warm scouse welcome is a bit of a cliché but true. There is no hiding from the fact that deprivation and inequalities affect the lives of lots of residents especially post pandemic.

The council strikes me as a place of ambition – wanting to improve as an organisation – so that it can serve the people of the city better and improve life chances and outcomes.

Everyone I’ve spoken to has talked warmly about the work they do and the difference it makes. You only have to look at the way staff responded to the recent terrorist attack to know that’s true.

Lots of the staff have been here a long time and are committed and loyal. The council is realistic about the scale of the challenges and is developing plans that will see change happen over the coming years.

Partnerships with other organisations are strong and this will help us realise our ambitions.

Liverpool is a great city with a very proud heritage culturally and industrially and the plans to further capitalise on the key assets such as the waterfront are key to the success.

Public Health and the fight against health inequality and deprivation need to be front and centre of everything we do now.

Making the links between development, the economy and life chances and opportunities are critical. A good start has been made but leaders know there is so much more to do and are committed to doing it.

Liverpool Waterfront