BLOG: “They have all done something amazing and unique”

Director of Education in Liverpool, Jonathan James, reflects on today’s GCSE grades being issued to young people...

Thousands of young people will be receiving their centre-assessed GCSE grades today and I want to congratulate them all.

They have all done something amazing and unique, something no other young person has ever been asked to do: reached a significant milestone in their education in the face of a global pandemic. What a considerable achievement!

With the debacle around A Level results last week, on top of recent months, there has been a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. But the typical Liverpool resilience has shone through in our young people.

Issuing young people with their assessed grades is the fairest way possible – and we’ve seen this last week how fairness was jeopardised for so many. Hopefully, this move will also mark a greater trust in the professionalism of our teachers and leaders.

The way that education has dominated the news in these past weeks is a timely reminder of its irreplaceable importance. That is why we are all working hard to ensure that our children return to school as safely as possible in September.

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