Book inspires school’s magical exhibition

A magical exhibition is being staged by the pupils and staff at Rudston Primary School.

The multi-sensory exhibition is  based around the  book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister , illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith.

Visitors walk through a magical land as pupils act out parts of the book. The pupils have produced pieces of creative writing based inspired by the book’s theme of magic and imagination

Hope University, the Travelling Companions Theatre, The Solo Circus as well as local artists and sculptors all helped to create the exhibition.

Local Councillor Frank Hont, who visited the exhibition with colleagues Councillors Jeremy Wolfson and Liz Parsons. said; ” To say we were impressed is a massive understatement.

“There was amazing imagination and creativity in the artwork and the writing and the school should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.

“I have written to the publsihers to let them know about this exhibition and how it has inspired the pupils.”


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