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Brighten up your day with Fit for Me

Adding just ten minutes more of activity to your daily routine can help improve your health and wellbeing – that’s the message from Liverpool’s Fit for Me campaign this month.

Small changes to how active you are can give you more energy, make you feel less tired and stressed, lift your mood, help you to sleep better and boost your confidence – as well as helping to protect you from serious illnesses such as heart disease and dementia.

Fit for Me is for everyone – it doesn’t matter what shape, size or age you are, whether you’ve been active in the past or if you’re an absolute beginner. However fit, or unfit, you may be, being active is something that can help us all feel good.

Today sees the start of Fit for Me’s ten minute motivations message, and the beauty of it is it’s not particularly time consuming and doesn’t require a whole load of expensive equipment.

Dr Maurice Smith, a GP at Mather Avenue surgery in Allerton and Healthy Liverpool’s ‘Living Well’ clinical lead said, “What is great about our ten minute motivations is just that – adding ten minutes more is something we can all do.

“If you’re not doing anything at the moment you can start small, why not try walking to the local shop or walking to the next bus stop on the route. As long as it gets your heart beating a bit faster and makes you breathe a bit harder, it counts.”

Dr Sandra Davies, Liverpool’s Director of Public Health added: “We know it can be hard to make time to be more active, what is great about ten minute motivations is it doesn’t have to take away from people’s busy lives.

“It takes about ten minutes to cook some rice or pasta – why not use this time walk up and down the stairs a few times. We really want to make getting active easy, what’s easier and more accessible than adding ten minutes more to your daily routine.”

Councillor Tim Beaumont, Mayoral lead for wellbeing, said: “This is about getting people to build a little bit of exercise into their everyday routine which can make a big difference to their health and wellbeing. Once you’ve started doing it and it becomes part of your day, it becomes second nature.”

Fit for Me wants to hear how the people of Liverpool are getting more active ten minutes at a time, so why not send your ten minute motivation ideas to

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