Brouhaha are back

Brouhaha International Street Festival are back for their 23rd year, bigger, bolder and brighter than ever. An explosion of culture, colour and sound, is bringing artists from across the globe. Liverpool City Centre becomes a contagion zone as ‘Infecting the City’ (11th July 4pm-7pm) becomes airborne.  A global parade for a global City, with over 200 international performers who will unleash the bacchanal. Join us as Liverpool’s world renound waterfront is taken over by the fever, take refuge during the site specific performances animating buildings and public spaces. The entire city will be corralled into quarantine as the authorities, ‘Inspector Bacchanal’ and ‘Sergeant Rundown’, begin their inspections, will you have festival fever?

One People, One City, One Carnival. The Carnival 2014 (12th July 12pm -2 pm) and one thousand citizens parade through the streets. Join us on the road as we whine our way through Toxteth. We will be dishing out a concoction of carnival riddims at The World in Princes Park (12pm – 7pm) with three stages of local and international performance work, global foods and family arts workshops. It will be hard to fight as the fever as we move on to the Beautiful North Festival (13th July 2014)  as the whole city is overcome with the carnival fever. You are cordially receive your treatment at the  International Brunch (14th – 18th July 2014) international performances in Williamson Square, providing the best cultural nourishment in town. Finally, it has arrived! The antidote. Your only chance to receive this coveted antidote will be during one performance, in one location for one night only, in tribute to and celebrating one man’s birthday ‘Nelson Mandela’. Mandela Day – Festival Closing Ceremony (18th July). 200 hundred international artists will be administering the cure to the public in the evening as we celebrate through the evening and into the night.

Brouhaha is funded by Liverpool City Council. For more information on their events please visit their website

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