emergency checklist
emergency checklist

Businesses urged to prepare for emergencies

A new think tank aimed at helping businesses in Liverpool prepare for emergencies is being launched on Tuesday, 19 March.

Public, private and voluntary organisations from across the City Region are all invited to be part of the new ‘Resilient Liverpool’ initiative. It is aimed at making sure that the city stays open for business through times of adversity or emergency.

Resilient Liverpool is being launched at the Hard Days Night hotel on North John Street – which recently had an emergency of its own to deal with when fire broke out on the top floor. The breakfast session, which starts at 8am, will be headed by Councillor Gary Millar, Chair of the Resilient Liverpool think tank.

Councillor Millar, who runs his own business, said: “Liverpool is a resilient city and the emergency services do an amazing job in reacting quickly to keep the city going during a crisis. But it is crucial that every business also has its own plans in place to deal with the unexpected, and there plans are embedded within the organisation.

“In the current economic environment, even a day’s lost trade can be the difference between survival and going under, so it is absolutely vital to be prepared.

“We have all seen over the last couple of years the impact that events such as bad weather can have on trade. But power cuts, floods, industrial action, fuel shortages and pandemic flu are also real and present dangers.

“The Resilient Liverpool think tank wants to help keep firms keep going through all forms of disruption by working together at all levels to show how they can benefit from better resilience planning.

“We also know that inward investors are increasingly considering how well prepared a place is before locating there, so this is really important for the city’s future prosperity.”

Delegates will be able to find out more about the work of the new think tank, and the help and support that is on offer to help them develop contingency plans.

The event is part of Business Continuity Awareness Week – log on to http://www.bcaw2013.com for more information.

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