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Can you help Liverpool to Read Easy?

Brand new literacy group seeks supporters

Have you ever thought how difficult life might be if you couldn’t read confidently?

For Donna, making dinner for her kids wasn’t just tough – it was dangerous. Her eldest child has a peanut allergy and because Donna didn’t know how to read, she was never sure that she was choosing ingredients that would keep her child safe. Donna had always found it difficult at school and had little support to help make sure she was really learning, so she fell behind. Years later, it was her children’s belief in her that finally spurred Donna to make a change.

The answer was Read Easy – a free, friendly, flexible approach to learning to read which uses a successful phonics-based learning scheme.  It gives people the opportunity to work in private and at their own pace to build reading skills, confidence and self-esteem. Read Easy is now poised to expand into Merseyside, beginning with a group for the City of Liverpool. With their sights set on the city, they are launching a search for 2 motivated volunteer ‘Pioneers’ with the enthusiasm and local connections to found a group for our town.

Read Easy’s Chief Executive, Ginny Williams-Ellis, said: “Liverpool has thriving adult learning provision and a commitment to working in partnership, so it was a natural choice for our first Merseyside group.  With 26 groups now across the country, we know that Read Easy can be life changing for learners and volunteers; the potential Liverpool Pioneer will gain satisfaction from knowing they will make the difference for local learners like Donna”.

Read Easy is enthusiastically supported by local partners from Liverpool Adult Learning.

Jan Bibby, Employment and Skills Pathway Manager believes the project builds on their commitment for accessible and free learning opportunities.  She expanded by saying “Read Easy will help us to reach even more learners within the city, to enable more of our residents to reach their goals in life and employment.  We are collaborative by nature, and so Read Easy is a natural fit – we can’t wait for the group to get started.”

Liverpool City Council Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Business, Economy and Skills, Cllr Gary Millar said: “Liverpool City Council has a fantastic programme of Adult Education courses. Each year thousands of people in our city take advantage of the many learning experiences we offer. Not only do the courses boost people’s skills but they are great for raising confidence and self-esteem. Read Easy is a great addition to our programme.”

Cllr Millar added: “Taking part in an adult education course can lead to qualifications and possibly even a new direction in life. If you ever wanted to give something new a go, get in touch now and see where an Adult Education course might lead you.”

If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming a Volunteer Pioneer in the City of Liverpool or would like to know more about the project, please contact the North West Regional Adviser Vicky on 07931 138350 or

You can find out more about the work of Read Easy here:

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