Changes to bin collections

Changes in the way the bin collection and recycling service operate in Liverpool start from 28 October. Here we answer some of the questions you may have

What is changing?

Many properties which use purple, blue and green bins will move to a managed weekly collection which   means that you will still receive a bin collection every week. Your purple bin will be collected one week and your blue and green bins the next week.  Houses which have plastic sack collections will still have a weekly collection but the collection day may change – you will receive a leaflet telling you about collection dates. However you can check your collection days  at

Why are the changes being made?

We need to cut the cost of providing this service and significantly improve our recycling rate. It currently stands at 26% and lags behind other major cities. Experience has shown that the type of service we are introducing raises the level of recycling as householders have to give more consideration about what bins they use for the type of waste they are disposing.

Will it mean my purple bin will be overflowing?

Research has shown that many bins which should only contain household waste have 60% of their contents which can be recycled. For most households using their recycling bin effectively should mean there will be no problems. However, large households and people who have a medical condition that generates large volumes packaging waste can apply for an extra bin.

Will excess bags of waste placed beside bins be removed?

No. All waste needs to be placed in the correct bin with the lid closed.  We all need to do what we can to re-use and recycle and reduce the amount of waste we generate in the first place.

Will those people who currently receive an assisted collection continue to do so ?

Yes they will continue to receive this service.

How much does this service cost?

It costs the council about £10m to collect waste and a further £22m to dispose of it. This means the cost of providing waste collection In Liverpool works out at less than 90p per property per week. Council tax does not vary depending on the type of service the property receives. For example, while some terrace properties may continue to receive a weekly collection they will not have a green bin service as they do not have gardens. However, whatever service you receive it is  in everybody’s interest that we cut the amount we spend on collecting and disposing of waste as the cost of disposal is continuing to rise year on year.



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