Charity boost for voluntary groups

Voluntary groups in Woolton will benefit from a charity established to improve recreation and education in the neighbourhood.

The Woolton Educational and Recreational Charity is using the interest on the proceeds from the sale of Woolton Village Club in 2000 to make awards to local groups.

This year it is anticipated that about £15,000 will be available from the charity.

Among the groups to benefit last year were:

Women’s Institute – £300 for a portable sound system

Woolton in Bloom – £3500 for the provision of plants and equipment

Woolton Community Resource Centre – £5000 for the purchase of 200 large print books to assist the elderly and visually impaired and other learning materials for children

Wooton Village Residents Association – £1000 for the provision of plants and equipment

St James Pre-school Group – £800 for provision of IT equipment

Applications should be made by 28 February. 2014. Application forms can be obtained from Mr. R. Thomaides, Liverpool City Council, ,  Municipal Buildings, Dale Street L2 2DH ( Tel 0151 225 2405) or email

  • Woolton Village Club was originally given to the Urban District Council of Much Woolton in 1896 by William Dodge James. It was sold for £300,000 and the interest on the proceeds of the sale is used by the Charity, which owned the club, ” for educational and recreational purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of Woolton and the neighbourhood with the object of improving the condition of life of such persons.”



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