Child burial and cremation charges scrapped in Liverpool

Liverpool City Council is waiving charges for child burial and cremations.

It follows a request from Love, Jasmine – one of the council’s corporate charities, which supports families following the death of a child.

The city council currently carries out around 100 cremations and 34 burials of children under the age of 16 each year. Previously it cost £66 for a cremation and £145 for a burial.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said: “The loss of a child is a traumatic time for any parent and it is right and proper that we do all we can to support families at what is a very difficult moment.

“Having to find the money for a burial or cremation can add additional stress and a financial burden when their grief is still raw, and that is why we have agreed to this excellent suggestion from Love, Jasmine.”

Love, Jasmine was set up by Kathy and Rob Lapsley from Anfield in memory of their daughter Jasmine, who passed away suddenly in 2014. The charity aims to support families who have suffered the loss of a child by providing dedicated support groups, complimentary therapies, advice and guidance.

Rob Lapsley said: “We’d like to thank Liverpool City Council for waiving burial and cremation costs for children.

“Nobody expects to have to plan their own child’s funeral and many families often find themselves in financial difficulty after losing a child.

“The decision to waive burial and cremation costs will help ease that financial burden.”

A child grave is already offered to families at no cost, although there will still be a charge for those wanting a full size family grave where other relatives can be buried.

More information about the work of Love, Jasmine can be found here.


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