Wah sing school

Chinatown Exhibition

A special exhibition has launched which brings Europe’s oldest Chinese community into focus.

On display at the Open Eye Gallery in Wood Street, Images of Chinatown, is a beautiful digital archive capturing ten years in the life of the Wah Sing Chinese Community.

The exhibition contains images of the Wah Sing Ladies Dance Group led by Mrs Chi Fong Chan, Chinese children learning Mandarin and Cantonese, Chinese New Year celebrations in community centres in Nelson Street and vibrant kitchen scenes in a Chinese restaurant.

The thought-provoking display has been curated by The Sound Agents (John J Campbell and Moira Kenny) which is a social enterprise specialising in visual arts including film, photography, recording, collecting and archiving oral histories.

Moira Kenny said: “I started documenting the Wah Sing and Chinatown ten years ago, the Images of Chinatown exhibition is an important step to realising our ambition to set up a Contemporary Chinese Cultural Museum in Chinatown working in partnership with the Chinese communities, Urban Splash and the Art & Design Academy LJMU.

“The exhibition displays the diversity and richness of both the local and global Chinese culture; aesthetically framing everyday occurrences in Chinatown for the wider audience to view.”

The exhibition is open Friday 15 and Saturday 16 February from 10am-4pm.

For more information, visit www.soundagents.blogspot.com

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