Municipal Buildings

More choice for paying cash to the council

Residents wanting to pay for council services in cash will be able to do so at more than 400 locations across the city, in a change that is designed to provide more modern and efficient payment options to customers.

Payment kiosks in the city centre One Stop Shop at Municipal Buildings are being removed in July – with customers able to use the city’s 57 Post Offices or 348 PayPoint outlets in local shops instead.

Cash payment machine at Municipal Buildings

As well as being more convenient for customers, it will also save the city council more than £35,000 a year in transaction costs.

Regular users of the payment kiosks will shortly see signs adjacent to the machines to inform them about the changes. Communication will also be sent directly to cash paying customers and information will also be provided on the council’s website.

Assistant Director for Revenues and Benefits, Martin Jungnitz, said: “This is about offering people the option to pay for council services at a place that is more convenient to them, rather than expecting them to come into the city centre.

“We are taking steps to let those who will be affected know in good time to enable them to plan for the changes.”

The One Stop Shop at Municipal Buildings is due to move to a new location at St John’s Market in the city centre in October, following the recent sale of the building.


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