Citizens of Honour celebrated

Heroes and heroines who have helped lead the battle against cancer, and one responsible for returning a piece of Liverpool’s history, will be honoured next week.

On Tuesday 5th March, Winnie Keating and Peggy O’Brien, the two founder members of the Lily Centre and the founder of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Professor Ray Donnelly MBE will be added to the Roll of Citizen of Honour.

Joining them will be the man responsible for returning the Henry Pooley or ‘”Sailors’ Gates” back to the city, Gabriel Muies.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Sharon Sullivan said: “These individuals have contributed greatly to the city.

“The Lily Centre and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation provide much needed support and research to those suffering from cancer. They offer hope and friendship at a time when many people often feel alone.

“I am delighted to be adding such worthy recipients to the Roll of Citizen of Honour.”

And former merchant seaman Gabriel Muies will be admitted for the key role he played in the reopening of the historic Williamson Tunnels and the return of the Henry Pooley “Sailors’ Gates” to the City.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Sharon Sullivan said: “Gabriel’s contribution to the history of the city is to be commended. His time and dedication to returning the Pooley gates to their rightful place is testament to his commitment to the city of Liverpool.”


Liverpool Waterfront