City becoming greener

Latest official figures show Liverpool is moving up the league table for its performance in cutting greenhouse gasses- and saving council taxpayers £90,000.

The Environment Agency ‘s National Performance League table places Liverpool in the top 4% of major organisations for cutting consumption. It has moved up from 109th position to 86th out of 2097 organisations throughout the country.

Carbon emissions from council buildings have been reduced by 13% in the last year (51,455 tonnes of CO2 compared with 59,071 tonnes in 2011).

Under the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme – a mandatory scheme aimed at cutting emissions and improving energy efficiency of all companies and organisations whose energy consumption exceeds £500,000 a year – the savings to the council will be around £90,000 this year.

The council is investing £1million in energy-saving schemes in its buildings including:

• Energy efficient lighting installed on two floors of Millennium House.
• “Presence detection” lighting controls introduced at the Town Hall and Municipal Buildings meaning areas are only lit when someone is in the vicinity
• Using1000 energy efficient light-bulbs in the chandeliers in the main hall of St George’s Hall.
• Work on water and heating systems and controls at Everton Park and Garston Lifestyle Fitness Centres and the Liverpool Aquatics Centre.

Councillor Tim Moore, cabinet member for transport and climate change, said: “Reducing carbon emissions is one cut we should all welcome.

“Of course, CRC is only one way to measure an organisation’s progress in reducing their carbon footprint – but the fact that we have improved in this league table from last year and are now in the top 4% is great news and is testament to our commitment to tackling carbon emissions.”


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