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City people urged to get online

An exhibition is being held in Liverpool urging more people to get online.

It is being held as new statistics launched by Nominet Trust and Oxford Internet Institute (OII) reveal worrying misconceptions among people in the North West about the internet.

The data coincides with the launch of an exhibition in Liverpool designed to encourage people to think differently about the internet. Of the 23% people in this area who do not use the internet, it is perhaps unsurprising that 72% feel they are better off without it.

To dispel some of the negative myths of the internet and encourage more Liverpool people online, Our Digital Planet, an exhibition showcasing 24 powerful images demonstrating the power of the internet to change our lives for the better, is coming to Clayton Square  from Wednesday 17 October until Sunday 4 November.

The exhibition will launch during ‘Get online’ week, a UK online centres campaign that supports people to find a bigger life online, whatever their level of skill and confidence.

During the exhibition visitors who have never used the internet, or those who are not so confident, will have the opportunity to get online with guided and friendly support from organisations including the local UK online centres network which offers access to computers and the internet and support to use them. Nominet Trust is hoping that the exhibition will help address any negative perceptions of the internet people may hold.

The combination of these iconic images and the onsite internet station, aims to challenge the views of the 23% of people in the North West who believe the internet fails in times of need.

Annika Small Nominet Trust CEO commented:”The internet is the single most powerful social tool that we have ever had. It can alleviate isolation among the elderly, bring together communities around a common cause, provide a platform for new businesses to get off the ground and give easy access to a whole range of services.

“However, despite its contribution to our society, 7.8 million of the UK’s population still either don’t have access to the internet or choose not to use it.

“Our Digital Planet showcases examples of exactly how the internet has helped to change our lives for the better. Through this exhibition and by providing people with guided opportunities to get online, we are encouraging people of all ages and circumstances to discover how the internet can help them.”

Helen Milner, Chief Executive of Online Centres Foundation, added: “We’re delighted to be supporting Nominet Trust with the Our Digital Planet exhibition. The internet is a fantastic tool that can open up new worlds, but with 7.8 million people still offline, and an estimated 14.5 million not having adequate skills to benefit from the internet, initiatives like this are vital to inspiring and supporting people to gain the skills they need.”

Jan Bridge from Wecommunic8 said: “Wecommunic8 is thrilled to be partnering with Nominet Trust in order to bring Our Digital Planet to the public. It’s been a great project to work on sourcing some of the most compelling examples of the many different ways that the internet has bettered our lives. We believe that the exhibition together with the internet station will spur non users to get online and discover the huge benefits the internet can offer.”

Dr Grant Black from Oxford Internet Institute said: “The Internet is a powerful tool for communication. It gives ordinary people the ability to find information, send messages, and make their voices heard. This is why it is imperative that more people go online; so they can better participate in the modern world.”

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