Liverpool Town Hall
Liverpool Town Hall

Book of Condolence opens at Liverpool Town Hall


A book of condolence is being opened at Liverpool Town Hall today (Tuesday 23 May) for people to pay their respects to those killed and injured in the terror attack in Manchester on Monday night.

The flags at St George’s Hall, Liverpool Town Hall, Cunard Building and Liverpool Central Library have also been lowered.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Roz Gladden, said: “On this dark, dreadful day, all of our thoughts are with those affected by this appalling terror attack.

“Innocent people, many of them young, have lost their lives. It defies belief as to why anyone would do this and I am sure many, like me, are struggling to comprehend it.

“We are determined to show that we stand in solidarity with those affected and that they are in our thoughts and prayers.”

People will be able to sign the book at the Town Hall at the following times:

Tuesday 23 May: 1:15pm to 5pm
Wednesday 24 May: 9am to 2pm
Thursday 25 May: 9am to 6pm
Friday 26 May: 9am to 2pm
Saturday 27 May: 10am to 2pm


City Mayor Joe Anderson said: “Today we are reminded of the evil that can exist within our midst, when peaceful ordinary people are targeted in such a vile and cowardly way. Of course, we struggle to find the appropriate words to say. There are none that exist to express our mixed feelings of revulsion and grief.

“The bonds that tie Liverpool and Manchester together are strong. Many from Liverpool were at the concert last night, and have come home with memories nobody should ever have to experience. Our thoughts and prayers will go to everyone there last night, with the families of the bereaved, those still searching for their loved ones, and those now in hospital receiving treatment.

“We also pay tribute, alongside those of our emergency services, to those who helped by opening their doors, their homes, their businesses without a second thought. They are the proof that there is compassion, humanity and hope.

“I will be meeting with agencies and City Council staff later today to talk about how we respond and learn from these horrific events, within our city and at the many events we have planned for the summer. I echo the advice of Chief Constable Andy Cooke to remain vigilant and report anything you see as suspicious to the police. We all have a part to play in keeping each other safe, in partnership with the police.

“Today Liverpool has sent our condolences and lowered our flags as a gesture of solidarity. There can be no place for hate in our society. Manchester has bravely vowed to carry on as a single community and we will share in that aim. Shoulder to shoulder our communities will reject violence and those that espouse it, and in absolute solidarity stand with our friends, brothers and sisters in the great city of Manchester.”

Liverpool Town Hall, St George’s Hall and Cunard Building will be bathed in red, white and blue lights tonight (Tuesday 23 May) as a mark of solidarity and a letter of condolence is being sent from Lord Mayor, Cllr Roz Gladden, to the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

A minute’s silence will also be held at the start of the council meeting on Wednesday night.


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