City’s criminal past brought to life

Liverpool’s gruesome criminal past was brought to life during the latest event at St David’s Church Friday Café in Childwall.

Lovehistory, the producers of the popular ‘Catacombs of Liverpool’s Dark History’ series and the city’s most animated storytellers, delved deep into Liverpool’s history to bring its criminal past to the stage.


The café played host to a morning of crime, murder and mystery on Friday 2 September re-enacting some of Liverpool’s most notorious crimes.

A team of versatile actors in period costume transported locals back in time with infamous stories including babykiller Elizabeth Kirkbride, the Liverpool bank robbery of 1878 and the burning alive of young prostitute Mary McNamara.

The slums of Victorian Liverpool were a breeding ground for the criminal underworld, vice, fraud, violence and murder, a place where the morally corrupt would prey upon their victims and spread terror throughout the city.

Liverpool crimes also involved the cunning, those that opposed violence and instead used their sharp wit to deceive.

This event is the latest in a series of first Friday of the month community events run at the church café. They were set up using some of the Mayoral Neighbourhood Fund allocation for local Councillors Jeremy Wolfson, Frank Hont and Liz Parsons and have run successfully for more than three years.


Councillor Wolfson said: “We have had some very popular sessions but any aspect of local history always attracts a lot of interest. This latest event was a departure from our usual format but proved popular with those present and the acting from the Lovehistory cast was superb.

“We would like to thank St George’s Hall manager Alan Smith who helped us stage the event.”

The next St David’s Church Friday Café event will be a public transport community roadshow which will be taking place on Friday 7 October (10am – 12 noon).

Pictured are the Lovehistory team with Councillor Jeremy Wolfson.

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