The new Alt Meadows park

City’s newest park is named


Liverpool’S newest park- a 20 acre site in Croxteth – is to be named Alt Meadows.

The name was chosen after the local community was asked to put forward ideas about what to call the new green space. More than 50 names were suggested by schoolchildren, residents and community organisations.

Alt Meadows was chosen by an overwhelming majority.

The park has been created on a brownfield site which has been transformed by extensive civil engineering work, the diversion of almost 1km of the River Alt, the creation of accessible paths, meadow, wetland and woodland habitat. 

Liverpool based charity, The Cass Foundation, have led the project in partnership with the Community Forest Trust.

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “I  saw the work start on this park after the River Alt had been diverted and met the local residents and schoolchildren who were thrilled about what was being created. They will be the park users so it is only right that they should choose its name – and they have made a very good choice.

“It is a great example of how we are converting disused sites and giving access to green space through all parts of the city Alt Meadows is a really attractive new green space which will benefit local people and visitors.”

The creation of the park was funded by DEFRA’s Catchment Restoration Fund, via the Environment Agency and Liverpool City Council.  The Catchment Restoration Fund was available to charities to deliver projects that would contribute towards improving biodiversity or water quality within catchments that were failing to reach good standards within the EU Water Framework Directive.  

Helen Rawlinson, The Cass Foundation, Project Manager said, “Over 2000 trees, nearly 4,000 shrubs and 2,100 wetland plants have been planted by volunteers and the contractor. Sixty miles have been covered during our regular Walk and Talks. Twenty conservation volunteering and tree planting days have been held and the project has received support from 300 volunteers.  Birds have been surveyed, mosaics have been created and 1400 people have attended our events and activities. The community involvement has been fantastic.”

The Cass Foundation has also been working with local schools and community groups to develop new bonds with their local environment. 

‘It is particularly good to see the involvement of local children taking notice and pride in their new park.  Active children equal healthier children and when parents, grandparents, carers and friends get active too then even better.” said Richard Cass, Chairman of The Cass Foundation.

Councillor Peter Mitchell, Mayoral Lead for Parks and Open Spaces, added: “This new green space is going to be a real and lasting asset to Croxteh. The local community has really got involved with it and I am sure there will be even more interest now that it has a new identity.”

• Alt Meadows will be officially opened by the Mayor on Sunday 29 March, 12.30pm -3.30pm, when the event will include fun, family -friendly, activities including seed sowing, environmental art and crafts. All are attend.

Pictured: The Mayor and Richard Cass with local schoolchildren during work on creating the park.


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