Clean up for Ropewalks

Ropewalks Residents were joined by council staff and volunteers from local businesses on a mass litter pick last weekend (Saturday 21 October).

Representatives from organisations such as Koop, the Kasbah Cafe Bazaar, Bakchich, Sapporo Teppanyaki and Berry and Rye joined residents from the area in a group effort to make sure the area was spotless for anyone who lives, works or plays in the area.

Resident Peter Schriewersmann, chair of Ropewalks Residents Association, said: ‘The litter pick is a regular event bringing together residents, local businesses and the council. We’re all stakeholders in the area and want to keep it as an attractive place to live and work’.

Ward Councillor and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Steve Munby, said: ‘Ropewalks residents and businesses set a really good example to other parts of the city. It’s a real partnership to keep the area looking good and maintain standards. I’m incredibly grateful that so many people would give up their Saturday mornings to do their civic duty.’

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