Clubmoor promotes responsible dog ownership

A dog show to promote responsible animal ownership is taking place in Clubmoor on Sunday 6 August.

The event from 11am – 3pm at Walton Clubmoor Recreation Ground, at the junction of Townsend Lane and Richard Kelly Drive, is held annually and was set up in response to the death of pensioner Clifford Clarke, who was attacked and killed by a dog in his home in 2013.#


As part of their response, residents, through the MyClubmoor Big Local Programme agreed to hold an annual dog show to promote responsible ownership.

The show, supported by Liverpool Mutual Homes and Liverpool City Council, gives an opportunity for people to show off their dogs through relaxed competition, with various stall holders including local housing organisations, local vets, Merseyside Police and charities such as the Dogs Trust in attendance to support residents. 

Clubmoor Councillor Jim Noakes said: “The Dog Show is a really positive legacy to come out of the tragic death of Clifford Clarke and it is growing in popularity every year. We want people to come along, whether they’ve got dogs or not, enjoy the open space and celebrate everything that’s great about owning a dog as well as promoting responsible ownership.”


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