Cold callers banned

Door-to- door salespeople have  been banned from another area of Liverpool

A No Cold Calling Zone has  been set up to cover 142 homes in Basil Close,Basil RoadandFrancis Way, Childwall following requests by residents.

This follows the success of the city’s first such zone which was introduced by the city’s Trading Standards service in five roads in Woolton last year.

The main aim of a No Cold Calling zone is to reduce doorstep crime and distraction burglary and, as such, prevent rogue traders.

However, it also stops any unwanted cold callers and gives residents the confidence to deter callers who they do not wish to deal with.

Cold callers who persist in the area would face prosecution as they would be seen as carrying out aggressive acts.

The zone is not designed to prevent people from distributing leaflets or catalogues. It is also not designed to stop people on legitimate business such as gas, electricity and water meter readers.

It was  officially launched oat a community event tattended by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Sharon Sullivan, Luciana Berger MP,  local councillors, Merseyside Residents Network, Merseyside Police as well as residents.

“Our first no cold calling zone has proved to be a major success, ” said Councillor Ann O’Byrne, cabinet member for housing . ” It has stopped a constant stream of callers at houses and has been warmly welcomed by the residents

“I am confident that this new zone will have the same effect. It means vulnerable people cannot be preyed on by rogue firms. And, even with legitimate traders it stops people feeling pressured into buying goods.

“We always said that if the initial zone was successful we would look at extend it to other areas if that is what is wanted by residents.”

Local councillor Jeremy Wolfson, added; “There is solid support from the residents for this scheme and the impetus for it came from them.

“There are a lot of elderly residents in these roads and they feel they are being pestered by constant callers. This zone will give them some peace and quiet.”

Paul Taylor Chairperson of Merseyside Residents Network (MRN) said “Cold Calling is a area that MRN are passionate about, we are delighted to be able to assist in anything that prevents vulnerable and general members of the community staying safe from this type of activity.”

A questionnaire completed by residents found unanimous support for the idea . This support was also reflected. in a meeting to explain the principles of the zone.

The zone is clearly marked with notices on lampposts and with stickers on doors.


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