Communities say ‘Yes’ to The 20 Effect

The latest area of Liverpool to go 20mph has given the city’s The 20 Effect initiative a massive thumbs-up.

Over 90% of residents in County, West Derby and Knotty Ash have voted in favour of the new 20mph speed limits.

The survey formed part of after a range of work carried out with organisations and community centres in these areas about The 20 Effect; including a partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

The hospital is supporting the campaign and helping raise awareness about the dangers that come with driving at speed, by working with children to produce artwork which will be displayed within the local area.

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport Councillor Tim Moore said: “The 20 Effect campaign has been a real success since it launched last year – and the high percentage of people in favour of the new speed limits is testament to the impact we are having.

“We’re making great strides in educating local people about how 20mph speed limits can help make our city safer to live, work and play in. I’m delighted that we have completed the second phase of our 20mph signage and that it has such overwhelming backing from local people.”

The 20 Effect is a campaign run by Liverpool City Council in partnership with Merseyside Police and the Fire Service, created to influence behaviour change around proposed reduced speed limits on residential roads.


About The 20 Effect Campaign

• The 20 Effect is a speed reduction campaign designed to influence safer driving and heighten awareness for 20mph limits in residential areas.

• The increase from 31% to 70% of Liverpool’s residential roads having 20mph speed limits could prevent at least 54 collisions every year and save £5.2m in costs associated with these incidents.

• Driving at 20mph around Liverpool’s residential areas could cut serious casualties by approximately 22%.

• Research shows that a pedestrian has only 50% chance of surviving if they are hit by a car at 30mph, compared to 90% if travelling at 20mph.

• Liverpool has been divided up into seven areas for the introduction of 20mph, and these are being prioritised based on the number of collisions. The scheme will cover the majority of residential roads, including roads outside schools on strategic routes, where possible.


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