Community clean up in Warbreck

More than 54 tonnes of waste has been cleared from Orrell Park in a clean-up involving ward councillors, street scene staff and residents.

The team helped clear alleyways of flytipping, litter picked and swept the streets, removed dog waste from the area and by providing free community skips that enabled residents to have a post Christmas clear out.

Orrell Park clean up
Orrell Park clean up

Councillor Cheryl Didsbury said: ‘It’s always great to see how much residents engage on our clean up days including some very young ones who helped out on the day.

“It’s truly uplifting to see people taking such pride in their community and ready to roll up their sleeves to help out.

“A number of older, vulnerable residents contacted us to ask for help clearing some waste that was too heavy for them to move, we obliged and it was a pleasure to help and to see the difference it made.

“We have received such positive feedback and are looking forward to the next one in February around the Walton Vale area.”

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