Community joins in clean-up

An overgrown piece of land which was causing concern to local people has been cleaned up – thanks to the combined efforts of council staff, police businesses and residents themselves.

Derelict land next to  Auckland Road, near to Penny Lane was not only litter – strewn but was attracting anti-social behaviour.

Bags of litter have been removed from the site and greenery has been cut back. Staff from Tesco cleared excessive shrubbery and Costa have removed graffiti from a fire door.

A sub-station has been repainted and a new locked fence installed.

Church ward Councillor Richard Wenstone (pictured above, left) said: “This was a fantastic effort by all concerned. Pieces of land like this which are overgrown  and have rubbish dumped on it  become  a magnet for anti-social  behaviour so it is important that we got it cleared– and I would like to thank all who took part in the clean-up.”

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