Are you a conkering hero?


Can you conker all opposition to become a champion?

The Reader Organisation at Calderstones Mansion will play host to the North West Conker Championship in a few weeks’ time. Competitors of all ages are encouraged to come along and face the competition on Saturday  4 October.

There will be the opportunity to win trophies in a variety of groups including the Women’s, Men’s, Under 11’s and Under 8’s categories. People are welcome to bring their own conkers to warm up however official conkers will be given to those competing. Visitors who do not wish to take part are welcome to join as spectators for free and cheer on those in the ring. Games will follow official rules set by the Official World Conker Championship and will be overseen by the ringmaster.

Conker championships follow play by allowing the winner of a coin toss to strike first. The striker has three shots, the opponent then has three shots with the game continuing until a conker is smashed.

The Championship kicks off at 10am with an adult entry costing £4 and all other entries / concessions will be £2.50.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting or by calling 0151 729 2200 – there will also be the opportunity to sign up on the day.

Liverpool Waterfront