older couple in care home
older couple in care home

Council set to increase rates paid for care

Liverpool is to start consultation on a proposal to increase the amount it pays to residential and nursing homes for providing care to older people.

It follows a 12 month review during which the city council has worked with providers to establish details of their actual costs to assist in calculating a fair rate for fees.

There are 57 care homes in Liverpool and the city council contributes towards the fees of 2,364 people older people and older people with dementia. It costs the council almost £27 million per year.

It is proposed that the fees are increased by the following amounts:

Residential care – increased by £6.42 to £356.82 per week (up 1.8 percent)

Residential care for dementia – increased by £9.76 to £438.06 per week (up 2.3 percent)

Nursing care – increased by £9.22 to £468.32 per week (up 2 percent)

Nursing care for dementia – increased by £32.76 to £549.56 (up 6.3 percent)

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet member for adult social care, Councillor Roz Gladden, said: “Care home fees make up a significant chunk of the budget for adult social care. It is therefore really important that we make sure we are getting value for money before making a commitment to increase fee rates.

“This proposal is the result of an extremely detailed piece of work in which we have worked with the home owners to identify their costs and make sure that our fee rates are fair.

“This represents a significant step forward in our working relationship with providers as we now have a much better understanding of their costs.”

The proposed increase would cost the council up to £723,000 per year and be funded from savings achieved through early intervention and preventative services.

If the proposal is approved at the Mayor’s Cabinet on Friday 8 February, a consultation will take place with providers with a view to implementing the increase later this year.

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