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Council Tax energy rebate update

The government announced support earlier this year to help with rising energy bills including a one-off payment of £150 to households in Council Tax bands A to D, and a discretionary fund for residents in higher band properties.

We have now paid the rebate to all households that pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit, and have requested further information if we needed to confirm eligibility.

We have also sent out a number of letters to households that do not pay by Direct Debit, with instructions on how to apply for the rebate.

If you have not received a letter, or have received a letter but not yet applied for your rebate, you can apply online below by visiting this page on the council’s website.

You can choose to have the rebate paid into your bank account, or paid directly to your Council Tax account and have your future payments reduced.

Paying the rebate to your bank account

The government wants us to complete pre-payment checks to prevent fraud and error. To receive a payment to your bank account you must provide consent for an identity and bank account check.

Before you start

You will need to create an account to claim the rebate and will need an email address to do this. This is how we will contact you if we need further information. You will also need to provide your personal details, property reference number and your bank details.

How to find your property reference number

You can find your property reference (or local authority reference number) on the letter we have sent to you.  You can also find your property reference number on your Council Tax bill or by entering your postcode on the GOV.UK website.

How long until I receive my rebate payment?

Once you submit your application and we have checked everything is in order we will make a payment to your bank account.

If we identify a problem or need more information we will contact you using the email address you gave when registering for the rebate, or we will write to you at your address.

Discretionary fund

If your property is not eligible for the £150 rebate because it is in Council Tax bands E to H, there may be help available through a discretionary fund.

We will provide more information on the criteria for the discretionary fund in the coming weeks.

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