Graphic show Livepool's Three Graces on the Pier Head and the word "Cabinet"

Council’s Cabinet, Friday 24 June


    What do community assets, Covid-19 and communal waste bins all have in common?

    The answer – they’re all items up for discussion at this week’s Cabinet.

    If these don’t pique your interest, you are likely to find that one of the other eight items on the agenda will.

    That’s because it’s Cabinet’s role to make the big decisions on services. And as recipients of these services, their decisions will affect YOU.

    We’ll be continuing our new approach to reporting on Cabinet, breaking down the jargon and summarising the reports into bitesize pieces of information for anyone interested in tuning in.

    We’ll also be keeping our eye on how the local media are reporting from the meeting and sharing their content. After all, they may tell a better story than us (but we doubt it ?).

    Watch the live stream or join us here at 10am for a live report.

    Liverpool Waterfront