Country Walks in south Liverpool parks

Allerton and Hunts Cross Councillors, Sharon Connor and Rachael O’Byrne are to launch The Allerton Country Walk this Spring!

The Allerton Country Walk provides the opportunity for residents to walk for two to three hours in a countryside atmosphere through many of the fine parks and open spaces in South Liverpool.

Councillor Sharon Connor said “We have been working with our partners to create a map that will give local people access to a country-like walk to take in nature, picturesque parkland and woodlands.”

The parks included on the walk are Calderstones, Allerton Towers, Clarke Gardens, Reynolds, Camphill and Woolton Woods.

Councillor Rachael O’Byrne said: “The character of the walk changes with seasons, a brisk breath of air in the winter, the sight of magnificent displays of Rhododendrons and Azaleas in the spring, the fine collections of trees and shrubs with various flower forms in the summer and the glorious Autumn colour of leaves and berries. It will be a fantastic chance for people to connect with nature and other walkers in the heart of South Liverpool.”

The Allerton Walks map will be launched this Spring and residents will be able to access a free copy from a variety of locations.

The country walk will also include public footpaths in Allerton Golf Course and Country Manor – which it has now been confirmed are still open.

Councillor Sharon Connor said “There was confusion over a safety notice for the on going course improvement works which led some people to mistakenly believe the footpaths were closed. The signs have now been removed enabling people to make the most of enjoying the improvements that have been made to this great facility in South Liverpool.”


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